The history of Ranchi province is like the history of a conquering army. From the time Brothers set foot in Chotanagpur, educational institutions were being offered to them in the Archdiocese of Ranchi and their presence was confined to that area till 1968.

Jesuits were here in Patna. They had a work shop at Kurji to train unskilled workers and supply trained workforce to several projects in the Diocese itself. It was just after the II world war. The Fathers purchased a lot of machineries useful for training from the army Depots.  Many trades like carpentry, welding; blacksmith, turner, machinist, milling, painting, motor mechanic, plumbing, electrician, masonry etc. were started. The whole project became very large .Unruly elements got into the workforce. Worker union was formed and the work in the institute was interrupted often due to   various demands of the workers. This resulted in the closing down of the institute in 1962.

Jesuit provincial superior wrote to the Brothers, if we could take over. If we are not interested he would sell off those Machines and accessories.   Bro. John, Regional superior acknowledged the letter and later visited the centre. To his surprise, only watchman was there in the compound. During the closer period large number of removable parts was either stolen or got destroyed.

The offer was accepted, and Brothers took over the centre on 3rd December 1968. According to the agreement 4.53 acres of land, building, existing furniture and machinery were transferred to the Congregation of the Brothers of St. Gabriel. The Patna Jesuits retain the ownership of the same. Initially Brothers were allowed to run a Hindi medium high school besides reopening the industrial school.

In grateful memory of the founder of the industrial school, Rev. Fr. Loesch S.J. the institution was renamed ” Loesch memorial Industrial school”. The industrial school is affiliated to NCTVT Delhi and hundreds of young men have been trained here in various trades and finding jobs.

Montfort Home Patna is entrusted with a mission in   Kurji, Patna, to enable the people here whether they are socially backward or economically poor or rich.  Our work is to help everyone to create an atmosphere of harmony and good will to live as responsible citizens of India.



1.MONTFORT MONTESSORI HOME: Montessori where we have small children, just beginning to find space in their life. For better learning and coordination we keep very close contact with the parents, informing them about the progress of their wards. Play way method is used to make learning interesting, effective and better.

2.LOYOLA HIGH SCHOOL :We have formal school, from Class 1 to 12th affiliated to CBSE New Delhi. Apart from providing a quality education, we give top priority to character building of the students. Because, what they learn at this stage become guiding force for their future life.  No other stage is so well remembered and cherished than the school days.  Therefore our effort is to foster all round development of the students.

3.LOYOLA INDUSTRIAL   TRAINING CENTRE:  We have industrial training centre for the students who are not able to pursue their studies after metric or plus two.  They are given skill training on machinist, electrician, fitter and welding. Most of our students are from poor families coming from the rural areas of different parishes. Students are given training on specific trade. Apart from this they are also instructed to be honest, do hard work and cultivate disciplined behavior.

4.Montfort Literacy programme: At one stage province decided that each institution should have an extension service for the poor. Montfort Home Patna started number of literacy centers in different localities of Kurji.  It was difficult to get rooms for conducting classes. And when the government implemented the right to education, most of the children enrolled themselves in Government schools.   But, there was no proper teaching in Government schools, we thought of   helping them   by starting coaching classes on Maths, English, Hindi and science.  That is how today we are having Literacy classes in Loyola campus.

5 .MONTFORT YOUTH MISSION: Montfort club has been formed for all the Catholic students of Loyola School. Bro.  Herman Lakra   and Bro. Pradeep Horo are coordinating this Montfort club. It is to propagate the Montfortian spirituality through the study of the life of Montfort and his charism and spread the devotion to our Lady. The Motto of this Club is – BE A LIGHT.

Sylvester Bara