It was in November 25th 1868 for the first time a Missionary arrived in Chotanagpur in the person of Fr.Augustus Stockman S.J. from Belgium. Then this whole area was under the Ecclesiastical Jurisdiction of Calcutta. Later Fr. Livens S.J. whose memory is still fresh among the people landed here in Noatoli in 1887, and established the Church.

The Parish Bungalow was built in the year 1890. The Parish Church was built in the year 1896. It was completed in the year 1901 and blessed in the same year. Today after 130 years of the establishment of the Church the number of the Catholic is about 12600. This big parish is divided into 10 new parishes.

The Primary School: – “Well Knowledge” is the Importance of the Education for any  Development. Therefore the Primary School was started in the year 1908 and in 1914 it was upgraded up to Middle School. But it was closed due to the First World War and again it was re-started in the year 1917.

St.Joseph Middle School: – In the year 1927 the school was named as St Joseph’s Middle School and thus St Joseph became the patron Saint of the School. The existing Middle School building was built in the year 1927 and was completed in the year 1934.Seeing the needs of class rooms Brothers added few class rooms to accommodate more children.

Arrival of Montfort Brothers of St.Gabriel at Noatoli:
– on the request from the then Arch Bishop Nicolas Kujur D.D.S.J. Bro.Eleazar, then Provincial Superior of Brothers in India sent the pioneer Missionaries-namely Bro. Marcel, Bro. Eugine, Bro. Ardian and Bro. John de Montfort. They arrived here in June 1955. And after a year in 1956 both the Middle and High School were handed over to the brothers. The first Brother Headmaster of the Middle School was Bro. Eugine and the first Bro. Headmaster of the High School was Bro. Marcel.

St. Joseph’s High School: – St. Joseph’s High School was established in the year 1950. Rev.Fr.Paul Dericks S.J.  was the first headmaster of the school from 1950-1954 and then came Fr. Bynian S.J.  from 1954 to 1956. In 1956 June the School was handed over to the Brothers. Bro. Marcel was the first Bro. Headmaster of the School. In 1957 the full recognition of the School was obtained from the Education Department of Bihar-Patna. At present Brothers are actively looking after the education mission effectively. A large number of students and people are educated. The local people have strong faith towards holistic education mission of Brothers at Konbir- Noatoli.

The Mission of the Brothers
Montfort Brothers of St. Gabriel,  Ranchi Province is at the service of the tribal, schedule caste, dalit and other poor, marginalized, weaker sections of the society in the Diocese of Gumla for more than 60 years. It is managing centre for formal, academic, vocational and non-formal educational, skill training and community based training programs. Most of the personnel of the society are at the service of the tribal, dalit, poor, marginalized and weaker section of the society. Our Education mission is a powerful tool by which poor and marginalized adults and children can lift themselves out of poverty and participate fully as citizens in the rural area. The Brothers do serve the people in faith formation, parish church pastoral care; youth ministry and promotion of child rights, women empowerment, peace & justice.

I Bro. Sushil Toppo  as a Brother in the Montfortan family, got the opportunities for all round development in the sector of education, social organization, Vocational skill, career guidance, personality development etc. I experienced the love, concern, support and encouragement to make use my talents for the service of the people. I am proud to say that Montfortian education mission has transformed the life of people. I extend my best wishes to all the members of Montfortan family and associate members.

-Bro Sushil Toppo